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in North America

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The backbone of a new energy ecosystem

Energy Transition Developments (ETD) is growing a portfolio of green hydrogen production locations on the US Gulf Coast to be paired with a local pipeline network connected to a salt dome cavern storage facility.

Unlocking the true potential of green hydrogen

These salt caverns will unlock the vast potential of green hydrogen, allowing for intermittent hydrogen production from renewable electricity while ensuring firm delivery to hydrogen offtakers.

Securing development rights

ETD has full development rights on approximately 400 acres on and adjacent to an ideally located and technically vetted salt dome. This space will allow for the development of up to ten salt caverns, with two to three caverns already in planning, capable of storing approximately 6,000 tons of hydrogen each. We are working to develop green hydrogen production areas, paired with on-site solar, at a number of nearby locations representing over 15,000 acres, which will be connected to our local pipeline and cavern storage network.

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